Frequently Asked Questions

Green House Homes, developed by Dr. William Thomas has reshaped the landscape of skilled nursing care. He has inspired a paradigm shift towards a more nurturing, and familial setting. Our unique approach distinguishes Green House Homes from traditional skilled nursing care by prioritizing the dignity and well-being of our residents.

Below you will find some of our most common asked questions and answers that can help guide your senior living journey. 


Green House Homes Skilled Nursing distinguishes itself through a revolutionary approach. Unlike conventional SNFs, our model encompasses 9 individual homes designed to have warmth, homelike atmosphere rather than an institutional setting. Each home has 10 private rooms, a spacious kitchen area, a welcoming fireplace family room adjacent to the kitchen, and a screened porch and patio area, creating a unique and comfortable living experience for our residents.

The person-directed model at Green House Homes is important because it places a strong emphasis on individualized care. By prioritizing the desires of each resident over community preferences, we ensure that the care provided is uniquely tailored to the personal needs of the resident. This approach fosters a higher quality of life for those we service.

Yes, absolutely. Each bedroom is designed to provide complete privacy, ensuring that you have your own personal space.

Green House Homes provides a range of healthcare professionals to support every need. Our team includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Podiatrist, Counselors, Therapist, and Hospice specialists.

Yes, pets are welcome provided they meet specific criteria.

Within each house, a team consisting of Shahbazim, Nurses, Guides, and Sages work in tandem to ensure comprehensive care and support.

To ensure well-being, our staff engages with residents in monthly meetings to review and tailor activity programs based on their preferences. In addition to the programs available in the homes, our dedicated activity staff also schedule a variety of activities throughout the community.

At our community, we actively involve residents in the operational decisions through various initiatives. Monthly, resident council meetings and “Let’s Talk Food” sessions provide a platform for residents to stay informed and contribute to the overall operations of each home.

We prioritize meeting residents’ nutritional needs by conducting personalized interviews post-admission. During these interviews, we gather information on likes, dislikes, allergies, and preferred food options. Residents are actively involved in menu planning and the selection of daily snacks, ensuring their desires are well-considered and catered to.

Keeping open lines of communication are vital. We make it a priority to update all primary contacts or individuals designated as power of attorney (POA) based on the resident’s preferences. In the event of a noticeable change in condition, not only do we promptly notify loved ones, but we also seek their input. This collaboration ensures that we respect their insights, allowing for optimal care and support tailored to each resident’s needs.