What is a Self-Managed
Care Model?

One of the key elements that makes the Green House Home model stand out among senior living communities is the self-managed care teams that consist of Shahbaz, Nurse, Guide, and Sage. Together, this trained team excels in providing personalized and holistic care, tailoring services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident.

The team approach to individualized care ensures that residents receive comprehensive support across physical, emotional, and social aspects of their well-being. A key strength of self-managed care teams lies in their continuity and consistency. With a dedicated team familiar with residents’ histories and preferences, there’s a seamless flow of care that fosters trust and comfort. Residents benefit from a sense of stability and reliability in their interactions with caregivers, leading to improved outcomes and a higher overall quality of life.

The unique care teams empower residents by involving them in decision-making processes regarding their care. This emphasis on autonomy and respect for residents’ choices creates an environment where older adults feel valued and in control of their lives.

Unlike traditional senior living environments Green House Homes does not have a nursing station at the center of the residence and while the health care is a priority, it is centered around the specific needs and requests of the residents themselves. Each staff member plays an important role in supporting the residents to live their best life on their own terms.


The Shahbazim

The Shahbazim are the heart of the Green House® elder care model. They are certified nursing assistants who protect, sustain, and nurture the elders by providing assistance with activities of daily living and other needs as required.

They receive training in the Green House philosophy of care and curriculum as well as many important areas such as culinary skills, communication, and self-managed team skills. The Shahbaz works in collaboration with the Clinical Support Team to support their work – Nurses, Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, and Activities Director.

The Nurse

The Nurse is an essential care team member within The Green House® model. The philosophy is centered upon building a human habitat where Elders and staff will live rich and meaningful lives. Elders being served may have complex nursing needs requiring skilled nurses to assess and meet those clinical needs while supporting their quality of life. Nurses have multiple roles to fulfill in order to be effective in meeting the needs of Elders and staff. 

Role of a nurse - Nurse assisting elderly resident
Role of a guide

The Guide

The Guide is responsible for the overall operations and quality of services in the home. They assess the effectiveness of the Shahbazim, oversee compliance, competence and operational issues. Through regular visits, the guide serves as a coach, mentor, and supervisor to the Shahbazim and provides monitoring and assistance as needed. The guide is in regular communication with the families of the elders as well as staff.

The Sage

The Sage is a volunteer who has demonstrated wisdom, insight and care for their community. Though a Sage volunteer may not be someone who necessarily possesses technical expertise, he or she is skilled in feeling the pulse of the Green House Home®. The Sage will see, hear, touch and be in tune with life of the house and the rhythm of the home for the elders and the staff.

Role of a sage