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As a volunteer, The Sage "occupies an honored place in a Green House home," as described by Dr. Bill Thomas, the founder of The Green House Project®.

According to Dr. Thomas, Sages occupy such an honored place in the home due to their concern that everyone in the house enjoys the best possible life. "The Sage is an advocate for the well-being of the house”. Though a Sage volunteer is not someone who necessarily possesses technical expertise, he or she is skilled in feeling the pulse of the Green House Home®. The Sage will see, hear, touch and be in tune with life of the house and the rhythm of the home for the elders and the staff.

The success of the Sage is critical to the success of the Green House® home. Dr. Thomas explains you can operate without one, though you will prefer to operate with one, "[They are] the cherry on the top, ... the secret sauce".


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