Reimagining Skilled Nursing Care

Green House Homes, developed by Dr. William Thomas, has reshaped the landscape of skilled nursing care, inspiring a paradigm shift towards a more nurturing, and familial setting. Our unique approach distinguishes Green House Homes from traditional skilled nursing care and provides our cherished residents with the opportunity to age with dignity and live their best lives possible.


We are transforming skilled nursing from top to bottom, starting with our homelike building design, with private rooms and large communal spaces, to the person-directed, relationship-based care and the novel organizational structure that puts residents at the center. Improved quality of life, particularly regarding privacy, dignity, autonomy, relationships, and overall well-being.

At Green House, skilled nursing extends to in-house rehabilitation featuring therapy equipment tailored for physical occupational, speech, and respiratory needs. In addition, we provide on-staff registered dietitians who specialize in nutritional therapy, ensuring comprehensive care for our residents.

Members of the retirement community at Green House Homes at Mirasol

Real Home

The physical environment of Green House Homes is designed to be a real home much like many of our loved ones enjoyed during their lives. Our community includes nine recently built, state-of-the-art homes that each nurture ten residents. Everyone has their own private bedroom and bathroom that allows ample sunlight and has easy access to a common hearth, with a living room, open kitchen and dining area. Dining is at one large table, family style while still maintaining the specialized menus for each residents’ needs. 

You won’t see a nursing station in the center, instead the common areas are living spaces designed to foster a personal and familial atmosphere that encourages strong relationships between residents and caregivers.

Your loved one deserves a home that is reflective of those in the surrounding community, characterized by elements that are “warm, smart, and green.” A warm home is a welcoming place of comfort, safety and refuge. The interior materials, colors and furnishings project a sense of belonging for those living and working in the home. Smart technology is used to create a comfortable and safe environment that fosters the well-being of elders and those who work with them. A green environment supports growth through meaningful interactions with life-enhancing natural resources, such as plants, natural light and safe and secure outdoor spaces.

A Meaningful Life

The Green House model is centered on person-directed, relationship-based care. Our model emphasizes the importance of preserving the dignity and independence of our residents. We believe in empowering them to make choices and maintain a sense of autonomy, fostering a life filled with purpose, respect, and fulfillment.

We embrace aging as an opportunity for continued growth and development and create an environment in which individual needs are met because each person is deeply known and valued as creative, resourceful and whole. 

A guide assisting a resident at dinner

Everyday tasks, such as personal care, bathing and mealtime, are seen as opportunities to support autonomy, decision making and meaningful engagement. 

Older adults cultivate relationships with neighbors of all ages, and continue to serve as integral members of their communities. Our philosophy encourages the development of deep, meaningful relationships between residents, caregivers, and families. We focus on creating a supportive and inclusive community that ensures every individual feels valued, heard, and understood.

Elderly woman smiling

Empowered Staff

Based upon “the conviction that we need a new framework around which to organize the experience of those who protect, sustain, and nurture our elders”, the innovative organizational structure in the Green House model challenges the traditional hierarchy to create environments that empower seniors and those who are closest to them. That’s why our organizational structure is radically different from other settings.

The direct-care providers function within self-managed work teams to provide the day-to-day care for the residents and act as managers of the home. These individuals, called Shahbazim, partner with nurses and other clinical team members to create an empowered clinical care team of excellence. 

Instead of cold clinical terms, our caring staff are referred to as Shahbaz, Nurse, Guide and Sage. They are highly trained in their area of expertise as well as our philosophy of care, communications skills, person-directed care and more. Our Shahbazim are dedicated to providing individualized, empathetic care that goes beyond just meeting physical needs. They build meaningful relationships with residents, fostering a strong sense of trust, respect, and companionship that contributes to the overall well-being of each individual.

Finding the right care environment for your loved one can mean the difference between aging well in a warm and homelike community and the antiquated ideas of traditional skilled nursing care. We invite you to explore the transformative experience that Green House Homes offers – a place your loved one can truly feel at home.

What People Are Saying

"I believe our residents should be treated like diamonds, They should be treated with kindness, dignity and respect."

"I believe that living (at Green House Homes) extended our mother’s life. They were so sweet, tender and gentle."

The Green House Homes Difference


Role of a Shahbazim

Role of a nurse - Nurse assisting elderly resident

Role of a Nurse

Role of a guide

Role of a Guide

Role of a sage

Role of a Sage