Role of a Nurse

The nurse plays a pivotal role as an essential care team member within The Green House® model. Person-directed care emphasizes the value of the elder, supporting their choices and decisions, and fostering the culture of the home. Elders residing in the Green House® homes may have complex needs requiring nurses to assess and address clinical needs while enhancing each elder’s quality of life. 

Nurses approach clinical and healthcare needs in the context of the elder’s life. Understanding their values, priorities, and wishes all help frame their interest and motivation in following clinical advice and direction. While quality of care is critical, prioritizing quality of life helps guide all care and treatment decisions.

To effectively meet the needs of both elders and staff, nurses have multiple roles to fulfill. They remain readily available through emergency pagers and other communication technologies whenever they are not physically present in a home. Beyond clinical assessment, treatment, and evaluation, nurses partner with the Shahbazim in four key roles.

Role of a nurse - Nurse assisting elderly resident


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Role of a Guide

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