Role of a Shahbazim

Life in the Green House is organized around the needs and well-being of the elders who reside there. The Shahbazim are certified nursing assistants, serve as constant companions, and who are entrusted to protect, nurture, and sustain the elder. They form the core staff of each Green House home and are responsible for maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the environment and providing quality care.  

Their duties also include housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and elder care. The Shahbazim operate as a self-managed work team, with members serving as coordinators to facilitate the delivery and compliance of all services and tasks outlined in the care plan. Those coordinating members are Team, Food, Housekeeping, Scheduling, Care, and Meaningful Engagement.

The Shahbazim work cooperatively with the Clinical Support Team (CST) to support their work – Nurses, Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, and Activities Director.


The Shahbazim receives training in the following areas:

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