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Why Involvement in Tasks in Senior Living Homes is Good for Elders

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Staying socially active provides many mental, emotional and physical benefits for elders. Whether that is participating in a book club, gardening with friends or enjoying a day or night out on the town, it is our experience as a leading provider of senior living homes that people who stay active tend to be happier and healthier. And there is plenty of research to back up this observation. We’ve also found that adding a few small tasks to an elder’s regular activities can deliver an additional boost to their well-being. 

Benefits of Having Elders Take on Regular Tasks

While social interaction of any kind is good for elders, having a few tasks on their daily or weekly to-do list is especially helpful. This might include helping with food preparation, setting the table for meals or other simple assignments around the community.

These activities benefit elders in senior living homes in many ways, including that they provide:

  • A regular physical and mental workout. Committing to a task produces a positive feeling of obligation that may keep an elder more active than optional social events.
  • A sense of purpose. We all like to know that the work we perform is helpful to others.
  • A feeling of accomplishment. Completing even a small task produces an enjoyable sense of pride in the work an elder has done.
  • Inspiration to other residents. Elders who see the satisfaction their peers get from lending a helping hand are often motivated to get involved themselves.
  • A source of stories. The tasks a senior takes on can be a great source for interesting and funny stories to share with other residents, staff and family members.
  • Comfort to family and friends. Knowing that a loved one is an active participant in their community makes people happy.

An Environment of Ongoing Growth and Meaningful Lives

Young person or elder, we all want our lives to have meaning. At Green House Homes at Mirasol, helping residents maintain their sense of purpose and contribution to the greater good is one of our primary goals. In our senior living homes, we involve elders in the many small tasks involved in keeping our community running smoothly. The result is a positive sense of participation that puts a smile on their face and on the faces of friends and loved ones who know how important this sense of connection is. It is a unique approach to elder care, but one that gets rave reviews from residents and families alike.

January/23/2019 | News

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