Tips for Maintaining Brain Health

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One of the key components of an elder’s overall wellbeing is brain health. In the same way that they can take steps to achieve and maintain their optimal physical wellness, there are proven techniques they can use to help maintain mental clarity and prevent cognitive decline. At our skilled nursing facility in Loveland, CO, we encourage elders to treat brain health as a top priority.

Strategies for Staying Sharp

While decreased mental function is common as we age, it isn’t inevitable. Rather than sitting back and hoping you are one of the “lucky ones” who stays sharp, use the strategies below to help ensure that you do.

    • Get plenty of exercise. Many people consider the health of their brain and the rest of their body as two separate issues. The fact is, they are closely linked. People who exercise regularly increase the number of small blood vessels that supply key areas of the brain. Physical activity also promotes the development of new nerve cells and more connections between existing cells.
    • Seek mental stimulation. The more we use our brains, the less likely we are to experience cognitive decline. Do a crossword puzzle daily. Research and learn about an interesting topic you are unfamiliar with. Challenge yourself to become proficient in a new skill. These kinds of activities are great “exercise” for your brain.
    • Build strong social networks. Something as simple as wanting to remember the names of new friends you’ve made keeps your mind engaged and your brain working. Plus, as a bonus, those with larger social circles tend to have lower blood pressure and longer life expectancies.
    • Improve your diet. Not only does good nutrition provide energy for your body, a diet that includes plenty of fish, nuts, vegetables, fruits and unsaturated oils like olive oil can help prevent dementia and other cognitive impairment.
    • Seek help with emotional issues. Anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional issues are common in elders and can have a negative impact on brain function. Fortunately, there are effective treatments available. Don’t hesitate to talk with your doctor or a counselor if you are struggling with emotional problems.


    Healthy Brain, Happy Life

    Green House Homes is a skilled nursing facility where we support whole-person health in everything from the meals we serve to the activities we coordinate. Our unique real-home setting helps elders lead happy, healthy, productive lives with a focus on personal growth that keeps both their head and their heart engaged.

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