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We have a request of our family members in regard to the funding for Medicaid that is currently under scrutiny. Late last week a bill was introduced into the Senate which would have devastating effects on nearly all of the skilled nursing communities in the state, as well as the nation. Our sector of health care is one that heavily relies on Medicaid as a pay source to provide care for the majority of the frail elders living in our state in skilled nursing communities. The short portion of this bill is that it is looking to make some major cuts to Medicaid funding that will impact some of the state’s unique programs that focus on a quality of life for those we serve, such as the Pay for Performance program. It’s looking to reduce the reimbursement of Medicaid by 20% by 2025. It’s a staggering cut that would devastate many communities and make the future of caring for our elderly a bit uncertain.

We are asking family members to make phone calls this week as there is a vote occurring this Friday that our senators will be voting on. The bill is called “Better Care Reconciliation Act” and we are asking that you follow this here link or reach out via phone to Senator Corey Gardner at  202-224-5941

Here are the talking points if you need more information from the American Health Care Association;

  • Point 1: The recently introduced “Better Care Reconciliation Act” contains devastating cuts to Medicaid. This bill has cuts that are even more severe than the House version.
  • Point 2: The Medicaid growth rate for aged and disabled populations is cut starting in 2025. This, over time, results in a 20% Medicaid cut to providers.
  • Point 3: Provider Tax program is cut from 6% to 5%, costing states over $10 billion and reducing state flexibility to fund the Medicaid program.
  • Point 4: The quality of nursing center care is better than ever. Providers across the country are lowering costs and achieving better outcomes. This is the worst time to cut funding.
  • Point 5: The majority of older adults and virtually all persons with disabilities are reliant upon Medicaid for pay for long-term services and supports. As Americans age, Medicaid financing will become even more vital than in the past.
  • Point 6: Medicaid already underfunds nursing care. Medicaid only reimburses 89 cents for every dollar of allowable nursing center cost.
  • Point 7: This bill is bad for assisted living providers and residents too. 1 in 6 assisted living residents relies on Medicaid for their daily long term care. Many states may further restrict eligibility and enrollment, creating longer waiting lists for a population that cannot wait for long term care.
June/27/2017 | News
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