Skilled Nursing Facility Shares Signs of Vision Loss in Seniors

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A decrease in vision is one of the most common issues for older adults. Often the loss of vision is so gradual that an elder might not even notice it and the deficit may reach a point that it becomes a safety issue. At our skilled nursing facility, we know that spotting the signs of vision loss can allow loved ones or our staff to help an elder get the assistance they need to correct their vision and/or make necessary changes to their lifestyle.

Vision Issues: What to Look for in the Ones You Love

While an elder may not notice the slow but steady decline in their vision, you should be looking for signs such as your loved one:

  • Squinting or tilting their head to get a better look at things. It’s something we all do from time to time, but if you begin to see it more regularly, that can be a sign of vision problems.
  • Asking you to read things for them. They may also find other ways to avoid reading such as always ordering the entree they know is on the menu at a restaurant they frequent. Avoiding reading can be especially problematic with things like medication instructions.
  • Giving up on hobbies or favorite activity. Someone who has always enjoyed needlework but decides to give it up for no apparent reason may be doing so because their declining vision has taken the joy out of the activity.
  • Moving their favorite chair closer to the TV. Both a decline in vision and in hearing can be the cause for this change.
  • Having damage to their car. If the person is still driving, you may notice dents and scrapes from them misjudging distances or simply not seeing parking barriers, etc.
  • Getting lost while driving. Other conditions like dementia may play a role here, but the inability to read street signs can lead to an elder losing their way.
  • Stumbling or tripping more often. This issue can be caused by a number of factors, but one of them is an inability to see and successfully navigate uneven spots in a sidewalk, wrinkles in a rug, etc. Falls are one of the most serious risks that accompany unaddressed vision loss.
  • Wearing mismatched clothing. This may initially occur with colors that are similar such as black and dark blue.


A Major Benefit of Living in a Skilled Nursing Facility

One of the many benefits of living in a skilled nursing facility is that an elder can both look out for fellow residents and receive that same kind of care in return. At Green House Homes at Mirasol, there is a very positive sense of shared responsibility among residents and staff for keeping each other safe, healthy and happy.

September/25/2018 | News
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