National Nursing Home Week

It’s that time of year again!! Time for our community and countless others to celebrate Nursing Home Week. We have a flyer that offers each of the items we plan to do next week to celebrate this year’s theme, “The Spirit of America”.
Monday we are celebrating the heritage of all those who have made this country the melting pot that it is. Monday we celebrate International Heritage by having themed lunches from various countries. We are excited for the variety of fun foods that we will be having in our homes. This will kick off a full week of themed lunches for our Houses.
Tuesday will be Colorado Day, in which we will spend the day sampling craft beer from our great state as well as sharing history of the state along with a bit of trivia. The beer tasting will go from house to house starting in Pioneer House at 3pm. Moving toward Husker House with a goal of arrival in our last house about 5pm. Our state has some unique types of beer and we are excited to show a few of those off to our Elders.
Wednesday we are having Patriotic Day. We are encouraging everyone to wear their best Red, White and Blue and show their spirit. The always entertaining Steve Manshel will perform some classic patriotic songs at 2pm in front of the Admin Building.
Thursday we are having Farmer’s Day. This will feature a visit from a local petting zoo as well as our planned day to plant our gardens around campus. A few flowers have been planted around our community but we will be starting in various houses about 10am to plant. If any family members would like to join us, please let us know and we can coordinate for you.
Friday will be Baseball Day. We will be celebrating with a T Ball game on our green to the north of Tranquility House. Appropriate game time snacks and beverages will be served to assist everyone in enjoying the game. We hope the competitive spirit from last year’s game remains as it was a rowdy afternoon.
Thanks to our families and Elders for helping us celebrate the week and enjoying our community with us.
-John Stewart
Green House Home Guide
May/13/2017 | News
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