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Great Reasons Not to Put Off the Move to a Skilled Nursing Facility

Residents in skilled nursing facility

Deciding to make the move to a skilled nursing facility is not easy. There are many practical challenges as well as emotional issues associated with modifying your lifestyle. However, rather than seeing this transition as something you should put off for as long as possible, you may choose to embrace it. If you do, you’ll see that there are a number of benefits to calling a skilled nursing community your home.

Top 6 Advantages of Elder Care Communities

Are you wondering if now is the right time to move to an elder care community? If so, here are some advantages you should keep in mind as you consider your options.

    • Better nutrition. Some seniors do an excellent job of eating healthy meals on a regular basis. Others, however, are known to make a meal out of whatever happens to be handy, even if it’s not particularly nutritious. Skilled nursing facilities tend to provide residents with hearty, healthy and satisfying meals each day. And, eating better can improve everything from your energy level to your outlook on life.
    • More social stimulation. Many elders will laugh off the need for social interaction, saying they prefer to keep to themselves. However, people who take steps to interact with others more often will tell you that it relieves feelings of loneliness and improves their quality of life. Making and maintaining social connections is much easier at a skilled nursing facility. And, getting started down that path now is definitely better than waiting.
    • Improved safety and security. Senior living communities tend to have a higher level of security than you would have in your home. Plus, if someone has suffered an incapacitating injury, it is generally discovered much more quickly in a community setting.
    • Easier access to healthcare. Senior living communities offer different levels of care. But whatever they provide, it is much easier to access services when they are onsite rather than miles from your home.
    • A renewed sense of purpose. Whether it’s lunch in the dining room, a card game with friends, or a weekend shopping outing, having an event to look forward to can be very encouraging.
    • More to share with loved ones. Your family and friends surely look forward to hearing about your day, regardless of what it has involved. But, it’s fun to have new people and events to talk about with your loved ones.


Your Ideal Community is Waiting

Whatever you are looking for in a skilled nursing facility and community, it’s out there. Does a real-home setting where the focus is on engagement and autonomy appeal to you? If so, Green House Homes at Mirasol may be for you.

September/11/2018 | News
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