Great New Year’s Resolutions for Elders from a Skilled Nursing Provider

Elderly woman playing with her dog and granddaughter

It’s true that January 1 is just another day on the calendar. But, the start of a new year does bring with it a sense of hope and optimism. That’s why we tend to make New Year’s resolutions. Many of the residents at our skilled nursing facility find that committing to completing certain tasks and making healthy lifestyle changes is a good challenge.

What Changes Will You Make in the Year Ahead?

From better health to greater peace of mind, there are many changes you can resolve to make in the year ahead. Here are some to consider:

    • Eat healthier. There are a whole host of benefits associated with making, and sticking to, a resolution to improve your diet, from more energy to a stronger immune system. Focus on getting the amount of vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, healthy fats and low-fat dairy recommended by your doctor.
    • Be comfortably active. You should never take on more activity than your body can handle. But regular, reasonable exercise is good both for your body and your mind. Walking, riding a stationary bike, swimming laps and lifting appropriate amounts of weight are just some of the ways to be active.
    • Regularly address fall risks in your environment. Falls are one of the biggest health risks for elders, and the risk grows each year as aging causes a natural decline in mobility. Commit to looking around your living environment on a regular basis and addressing any hazards that exist. It only takes a few minutes and may spare you a trip to the hospital.
    • Share your feelings. Too often elders keep their feelings bottled up inside, as they don’t want to “burden” anyone. This is especially true of things like depression and anxiety. The team members at our skilled nursing facility are happy to talk with you about your emotions and can help you get treatment if that becomes appropriate.
    • Make new friends. Our social connections are one of the things that support mental and emotional wellbeing. You can never have too many friends. And, the person you reach out to next year might just be in need of a new relationship, too, making it a true win-win.
    • See your doctor more often. If you visit your physician regularly, good for you! If not, consider increasing the frequency of your visits. The earlier you catch medical issues, the easier they are to resolve and the more enjoyable life is.


New Year, New You!

Each new year gives us an opportunity for a “new lease on life.” At Greenhouse Homes at Mirasol, a skilled nursing facility in Northern Colorado, our focus is on helping residents enjoy productive, meaningful lives where they are continually growing and developing. We encourage residents to turn the calendar page to January with renewed enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead.

December/20/2018 | News
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