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10 Considerations When Selecting a Skilled Nursing Facility

When it becomes clear that a loved one would thrive in a skilled nursing environment, this transition can be challenging. However, researching thoroughly can provide reassurance that you are making a well-informed decision. Becoming familiar with the key questions to ask can equip you with the necessary information when making your choice.

Where to Begin

Start by carefully considering your loved one’s current needs while also anticipating their future requirements. Engage in discussions with friends, family, and your network for any insights from their experience. In addition, consider seeking the assistance with a placement specialist or utilizing other available resources. Factoring in the financial aspect, considering the expenses associated with a new living environment and exploring options for help covering these costs. Preparing the groundwork can make your search more productive and help refine your choices. In addition to researching elder care communities, it’s crucial that you physically visit the locations and engage in discussions with key personnel like the director, nursing director, even life enrichment coordinators. The following 10 questions serve as valuable prompts to help engage in meaningful conversations and that will help you answer your most critical inquiries.

Top Questions To Ask Skilled Nursing Staff

    • What is the staff to resident ratio?
    • How does the community hire, train and review staff members? What is the ratio of staff turn over?
    • Does each resident have an individualized care plan that staff follow closely and revisit regularly? Are care plans re-evaluated as needs change?
    • Does the community address a resident’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs?
    • What steps are taken to give the environment a comfortable, real-home feel? For example, are residents given the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways?
    • How does the community meet residents’ nutritional needs? Are their preferences taken into account?
    • How are medical issues and emergencies handled?
    • Are loved ones updated when a resident’s physical or emotional condition changes significantly?
    • Does the community provide a variety of activities that empower elders to continue to learn and grow?
    • Has the community faced any resident complaints or official review? This includes issues with the care provided or the environment itself.

During your visit, observe various aspects such as the cleanliness of the community, interactions between staff and residents, property accessibility, and the availability of equipment such as lifts. Pay attention to the fine details such as the warmth of staff greetings, their engagement with residents, and how do the residents interact with each other. What is the overall condition of the community, ensuring it is well maintained, bright, and inviting. It’s important to remember that the “right” answers to your questions will vary based on your loved one’s health and housing preferences. But these insights are valuable when discussing next steps with them.

Empowering Your Decision-Making Process

Transparency is the most important characteristic when selecting a skilled nursing community. You should feel encouraged and comfortable to ask any questions that come to mind, and the provider should be able to provide answers. At Green House Homes, this is our philosophy, and we take pride in offering a real-home environment for elders, that fosters openness and trust.

March/14/2024 | News
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