Strategies for Strong Relationships from a Senior Living Homes Provider

elderly woman writing letter

Being far away from an elder loved one can be difficult. However, as a leading provider of senior living homes, we know from experience that there are ways to make the most of the situation and maintain a strong relationship. Ultimately, planning and persistence are key.

Great Ways to Stay Connected to an Elder

Living an hour or more away from a loved one makes staying mentally and emotionally connected with them much more challenging. Use these strategies to bridge the divide:

    • Space your visits wisely. If you have a limited amount of time and/or funds for visiting your loved one, be sure to space out those visits. Exhausting your budget too quickly can cause long gaps without a visit, which neither you nor the elder will enjoy.
    • Make the most of your time together. While you will surely want to enjoy some unstructured time with your loved one, having a plan for many of the things you want to accomplish during a visit will help ensure that you meet both their needs and yours.
    • Leverage technology. Phone calls, text messages and video chat sessions can’t replace a hug and sharing a meal together. However, connecting through technology certainly beats not connecting at all. Be sure to take some time during an in-person visit to ensure that your loved one has the necessary technology. Also, be sure they know how to use it. You want them to be able to communicate with you easily and enjoyably.
    • Write letters. Most elders will tell you that they love receiving letters from family and friends. There’s just something about knowing that the words on the paper were carefully and lovingly chosen and that the person took the time to write and mail the note.
    • Find the right senior living community. Working with a senior living homes provider where caregivers are truly connected with residents is ideal. That way staff can help you stay informed about your loved one’s condition if the elder can’t or doesn’t want to engage in conversation on the phone or online. A quick call with the staff member can help put your mind at ease.
    • Stay informed. You may not talk with your loved one about all the activities at their community. But, simply knowing more about what goes on there can help you feel closer to the person. Remembering and mentioning that, “Today is grandma’s painting class,” can spark happy conversations and fond memories with your family.


    Supporting Strong Relationships is Our Top Priority

    At Green House Homes, our senior living homes are designed around the idea that caring relationships are essential to a happy life. That’s why we do all we can to enable and support strong connections among all stakeholders—elders, fellow residents, staff and family members. This approach and our real-home settings make our communities a very unique elder care option.