Strategies for Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Housing

Preparing to move into senior housing can be both a very exciting time and a somewhat stressful one. An elder is likely to feel eager to make new friends. But, they may also be sad to be saying goodbye to familiar surroundings and routines. In order to make a smooth transition to the new living situation, there are a number of steps that can be taken.

Focusing on the Future 
Here are some strategies that elders and their families can use to prepare for a move and approach it with optimism:

Start connecting before you move in
There’s no reason to wait until after you’ve moved in to start connecting with the other elders you’ll be living with. Once you’ve signed your paperwork, ask if you can begin attending meetings and social events.

Plan family visits
Having loved ones come check out your new home can be uplifting for you and fun for them. And knowing that you’ve already put those visits on the calendar gives you something to look forward to. If you have lots of family and friends in the area, it may be wise to spread those visits out. Have people come over a period of weeks rather than bunching visits together.

Begin downsizing early
A move to a senior housing environment may mean that some of the elder’s accumulated belongings will need to be given new life through donation or discarded. Rushing to make these kinds of decisions ahead of a fast-approaching moving day can be stressful. Instead, try to start making those choices as far in advance as possible so that you can tackle them gradually.   

Ask for assistance from a third party
When thinking about what to do with personal possessions, it can help to have a friend or relative provide their input. As someone a little removed from this emotional process, they will have a more objective perspective.

Get involved immediately
It’s understandable that you might want to “ease into” your new living situation. But, the more involved you are in activities at your new home, the more connected you’ll feel. Join a club, volunteer to help with tasks, sign up for an outing. All of these things help you make and maintain strong friendships.

Making a Stress-Free Move to Senior Housing

At Green House Homes at Mirasol, our senior living environment is designed to make the elders who are joining us feel welcome, cared for, and connected. It’s our view that the transition from their previous living situation can be one that is easy and enjoyable, and we do all we can to support that.