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11 Questions to Ask When Researching a Skilled Nursing Facility for a Loved One

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It has become clear that a loved one will soon benefit from being in a skilled nursing
environment. Now it’s time to do your research. That process can be challenging, as you want to choose the right place. However, if you know the key questions to ask, you can get the information you need to help the person reach a good decision.

What You Should Know About a Skilled Nursing Community

In researching an elder care environment, it is crucial that you talk with someone on staff. When you have that conversation, here are 11 questions you should ask:

    • What is the staff to resident ratio?
    • How does the community hire, train and review staff members?
    • Does each resident have a care plan that staff members follow closely and revisit regularly?
    • Does the community address a resident’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs?
    • What steps are taken to give the environment a comfortable, real-home feel?
    • How does the community meet residents’ nutritional needs? Are their preferences taken into account?
    • How are medical issues and emergencies handled?
    • Are loved ones updated when a resident’s physical or emotional condition changes significantly?
    • Do staff members encourage residents to contribute to the operation of the community in meaningful ways?
    • Does the community provide a variety of activities that empower elders to continue to learn and grow?
    • Has the community faced any resident complaints or official review? This includes issues with the care provided or the environment itself.

Of course, the “right” answers to these questions depend on things like your loved one’s health and housing preferences. But having the answers gives you good information when you sit down with the person to talk about next steps.
It’s also important to tour a community with your loved one and make some observations. Does the staff greet you warmly? Do they engage with other residents? Do residents engage with one another? Is the community in good condition, bright and inviting?

Getting the Information You Need to Choose Wisely

One of the most important characteristics of skilled nursing facility is transparency. You should feel comfortable asking any questions that come to mind and the provider should be happy to answer. At Green House Homes, that is our approach. We’re proud of the real-home environment we provide for elders and eager to answer questions elders and their families have about it.

April/10/2018 | News

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