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High Plains Students connect with Mirasol Elders

The High Plains School kindergarten class has been visiting our community recently and plans to continue a partnership with our community and their school for years to come.


This will focus on growing together, helping to show that our Elders are the same people as their grandparents. Exposing these students to our Elders offers a benefit for the students to grow and learn as well as our Elders to gain from the experience of guiding and interacting with the students. Our partnership began with a problem the students needed to solve; “Our Elders need more friends” was the challenge they were tasked with. They have made visits to our community to build relationships and have begun a letter writing effort to share pictures and letters with our Elders. The students have also left a mail box behind for our Elders to send them letters. It was a delight to watch the interactions and excitement from the last visit. The students have created a video to help show their plan to improve our Elders lives, please take a look at the video as well as some of the recent pictures from their last visit.

May/09/2017 | News

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