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The Green House Homes at Mirasol is the first Green House community in the state of Colorado. We are located in Loveland, nestled in the Mirasol Senior Community- A 30-acre active living community. We currently have six (6) cottages on campus and offer home to 60 Elders living here. Each house has room for 10 Elders with their own private space as well as a chance to enjoy the communal areas of the house, such as patio, den, living room, etc. We opened our doors to the first Green House home in October of 2014 and have been overjoyed with our impact in the community, our positive effect on our long term care as well as the benefits that this model inherently offers to Elders, family members, and our caring staff.

Our intent with this e-newsletter is to spread awareness of why issues in long term care will not go away until we address the root cause. The root cause in long term care is that we build a community to “run well” or “function efficiently” which is not what people need to fully enjoy their lives. At Green House, we fight to ensure the decision making occurs as close to the bedside as possible and involves the Elder and those closest to them; family and staff members. This change in alignment and function is the primary cause of our challenges in long term care and we have been so pleased at the quality this new concept offers to those who live and work here. If you want to learn more, please stop in for a tour and we can share the vision we are working to create for Mirasol and the entire Loveland community.

May/05/2017 | News

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